Do you accept insurance for physical therapy? for therapeutic massage?

Art Sansone PT LLC is not a "participating provider" with any insurance plan. All fees associated with my physical therapy and therapeutic massage services are your responsibility and will be collected at the time that services are rendered.

However, many insurance programs with “non-participating, out-of-network physical therapy benefits” will reimburse a portion of the total fee associated with the physical therapy services I provide. Your “non- participating, out-of-network physical therapy” benefits are outlined in your insurance policy. (Note: Medicare, Medicaid and insurances delivered through the health exchanges as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not reimburse any portion of services by non-participating providers).

If you choose to bill your insurance company to reimburse your physical therapy costs, you are responsible for:

• verifying your “non-participating, out-of-network physical therapy benefits” with your insurance provider prior to submitting any claims for reimbursement.

• providing me with any information that your insurer requests that is not included in standard billing documentation.

• assuring that your insurance company properly processes all claims that you submit.

Therapeutic Massage is not covered by insurance. However, many Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) programs will allow one to pay for massage services with account savings.

Do I need a medical prescription for physical therapy? for therapeutic massage?

State law for physical therapy practice in TX allows physical therapists to provide initial consultations/evaluations without a qualifying healthcare practitioner referral. However, TX law requires that physical therapy treatment must be delivered under a referral. Qualifying healthcare practitioners include physicians, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, physician assistants and advanced nurse practitioners.

You do not need a medical prescription for therapeutic massage/wellness services.

What is the difference between physical therapy and therapeutic massage?

Physical therapy treatment and therapeutic massage are often quite similar in practice. The difference between the two, however, lies predominantly in the definition and scope of practice for each profession.

As a licensed physical therapist in Texas, my practice is defined as providing evaluations and utilizing rehabilitative procedures such as exercise, joint and soft tissue mobilization/manipulation, massage, the use of mechanical devices, the provision of soft goods and assistive devices, and splinting/taping to aid in diagnosis and treatment of physical conditions.

As a physical therapist, I evaluate one's range of motion, strength, postural alignment and movement patterns as they relate to a specific condition. My client and I develop an individualized plan of care and measurable therapeutic goals that are addressed regionally (ex., "I want decreased pain and improved range of motion & strength for my right shoulder following my injury", etc.) or for the entire body (ex., "I want to progress from walking with crutches to returning to running following my knee operation", etc.). These goals also reflect the plan of care established for the client by the referring healthcare practitioner. Once goals are attained for a specific plan of care, our work together in physical therapy concludes.

The Massage Therapy Licensing Program Rules of Texas define massage as the manipulation of soft tissues of the body, the use of hydrotherapy, and the use of Swedish gymnastics (i.e., passive and active joint movements, non-specific stretches and passive and active exercise). Therapeutic massage is a health care service that does not include diagnosis or the treatment of illness or disease.

Therapeutic massage sessions often work with the entire body and address the well-being of the entire individual- with or without a specific physical condition or measurable therapeutic goal. Therapeutic massage sessions do not require a referral from another healthcare practitioner.

Most of my clients see in my practice of physical therapy and therapeutic massage the influence of my training and licensure in both professions. However, if a client comes wanting joint-specific manipulation, I cannot provide any without a referral for physical therapy from a qualified healthcare as required by TX PT Practice Act. Similarly, if a client comes to my practice without a referral, I can only offer therapeutic massage- I cannot perform specific joint manipulation and will practice solely within the scope of practice as defined by the Massage Therapy Licensing Program Rules of Texas.

Will you provide a treatment during my initial visit?

I typically do 30-minutes of physical therapy treatment following the 40-minute initial evaluation for clients that have a referral for physical therapy from a qualified healthcare practitioner (i.e., a physician, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor, physician assistant of advanced nurse practitioner).

If you are coming only for a consultation and do not have a physical therapy referral, I will evaluate you and make treatment recommendations for you to share with your medical provider, personal trainer, massage therapist and/or in-network physical therapist.

Clients coming for Therapeutic Massage will get a full session of massage on their initial visit and do not need a referral from a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Can I work with another physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist and/or massage therapist while working with you?

Yes. I collaborate often with other PTs and health care/wellness providers to provide comprehensive care for my clients- I enjoy being part of your wellness team!

Many clients come to see me for a consultation/evaluation while working with an in-network provider of PT as I provide services frequently not offered in most in- network PT settings. I will give you upon your request a written summary of my evaluation and/or treatments for you to share with members of your health care team.

If you choose to bill your insurance company for my services, please be aware that most insurers require that you only bill for one physical therapist on any given day. If you schedule with me on Monday, for example, you should not bill for a treatment you received by different PT on that particular Monday.

What should I bring to my physical therapy initial evaluation?

Wear (or bring) exercise or loose-fitting clothing that you do not mind being wrinkled- physical therapy activities often wrinkle business attire! There is space at my office for you to change into your therapy clothing. There is a bathroom available for my office suite, but shower facilities are not available.

Please bring any medical information you would like me to read and review.

If you plan to receive physical therapy treatment after your initial consultation, you must bring your referral from your qualified healthcare practitioner.

Am I expected to provide a “tip” for your services?

No. I work with a “no tipping” policy. However, I always appreciate your referrals to your family and friends if you are pleased with my services!

What is your cancellation policy should I need to cancel my appointment?

In the event that you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please contact me at 202-669-7044 or by email as soon as possible.

A cancellation fee will be assessed equal to the amount of your scheduled appointment for missed appointments and cancellations occurring without 24-hours notification prior to your scheduled appointment. Payment is required before rescheduling or attending any subsequent appointments. This fee cannot be billed to insurance.

Late-notice cancellations occurring due to inclement weather follows the local government closure- if the city of Austin and/or West Lake Hills closes, my office will be closed and no cancellation fee is required.

Do you have parking at your office?

Yes- there is ample, free parking at my office.

Is access to your office ADA-compliant?

Yes. If there are any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me prior to your initial visit in order for me to best address any specific requests.